2 thoughts on “Minute 72: I Can’t Rely On My…

  1. Me again. You guys are so”cosmopolitan American” (East/West-coast) trying to read politically correct interpersonal politics into an 80s version of a 40s noir detective movie. Research those movies. Moral ambiguity is in the definition and that definitely applied to the way men treated women. Heck, Elvis was kissing the stewardess in front of his girlfriend and telling her it doesn’t mean anything, then spanking said-girlfriend if she was disobedient in Blue Hawaii in the 60s. But I guess in the “cosmopolitan US” way, it’s all about you in this moment and history is something for other countries. 😉 It’s totally charming, by the way.

    Admittedly, the 40s noir was poorly handled all ’round, here. Ford didn’t have a clue. It required acting and that he just doesn’t do. But basically she was unsure of herself and ‘the man’ had to take control in a forceful way. In the “heightened” 40s, that was how it was portrayed. Neither actor seemed to know what they were doing and it just turned out awkward and totally out of character for both of them. Watch a few 40s detective noir films to see what they were trying for. It might have been an 80s take on it, but ambiguity in the 80s was more nuanced like Tequila Sunrise than Humphrey Bogart. See?

    I did see this in theatrical release as an adult and even for the 80s it was awkward and poorly handled, but like a lot of things about Blade Runner… it’s style over substance baby!

    Great show. Love all the chit chat and rat holes, and despite what I wrote… interesting and educational to hear your thinking on these things. Especially thinking Rachel was anything other than vulnerable and confused in these scenes. This is not the Rachel of Do Androids… and whatever you try to read into it, not trying to take control, just confused. She’s had a sheltered life and possesses none of the ‘fight’ the other Replicants in this film display to portray lack of empathy.

    Cheers from Downunder.


    1. Thanks for the comment! Great insight.

      We totally get what they were going for. I forget if we actually flat out said those words in this episode. But sure it’s fun to watch a scene created in an era that is attempting to mimick a completely different era, while we ourselves judge that scene from a completely different era. Lol.

      Keep the interaction coming. Keep listening. Thanks!


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