Minute 112: Sandra Wins…Fatality!

Screenshot (64)

Deckard and Rachael are running off, Deckard notices Rachael stepped on something in the hallway, and Sandra smacks the shit out of Pete.

One thought on “Minute 112: Sandra Wins…Fatality!

  1. Yeh, I know nobody reads these… I’m non-social…

    But seriously? Nobody picked up on the replicant reflections in Deckard’s retinas in the Theatrical version, so Ridley scrapes a unicorn out of another movie to hammer home that Gaff has read Deckard’s file, just as Deckard read Rachel’s. Gaff let them BOTH live… that’s his final message & the reason for Deckard’s smile. And boy doesn’t it make Deckard’s initial comment about Rachel… “How can it not know what it is?” ring loudly when you look back at it? Tyrell must have been doing everything he could, not to laugh.

    Love the show, guys.

    I hated 2049 from the very first note. The whole thing grated on me from start to finish. I hope you can do an honest assessment and not get caught up in the whole – if we push this steaming t**d, the powers that be will give us exclusive interviews, other BR podcasts seem caught up in.

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