3 thoughts on “Season 2 ipad test(Yes, Pete is this stupid)

  1. Are they going to do Cowboy Beebop? Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex? Be nice to hear your voices agaIn. Seriously GITS SAC is a far better sequel. The second the 2049 music started, I wanted to run screaming from the theatre. Things just got worse from there. I have the 3D blu-ray, for completeness, I just never watch it. It’s dull and I have no interest in what happens to any of the characters, not even the Harrison Ford character. Seriously, it’s like the actor Harrison Ford ran away and hid in a radioactive Las Vegas. Nothing about him in this movie even suggests Deckard. 😀 The novella, that’s the ticket. Cheers


    1. I think we’ll approach this season with more of a passion for dissecting the film rather than explaining if or why we liked the film. Stick around, if for no other reason other than to hear us compare and judge 2049 against Blade Runner.


      1. Glad you’re back on the air Virgil Brinkman. I’m sticking around to hear you both talk about stuff I’m interested in. I commend your dedication to Blade Runner, however it’s served up 😦


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